What's lizhiqintool.com? Is This Mr. Li's Oficial Website?

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lizhiqintool.com, Mr. Li's Official Website URL


Let me firstly answer this simple question: "What is lizhiqintool.com?". lizhiqintool.com is the official website of Mr. Li, the inventor of the former Lishi tools. You can verify your Lishi tools on the website to make sure they are not illegal copies.

Mr. Li started creating his own line of automotive lock picking tools since early 2000s, and he named his tools "Lishi Tools", the Lishi company split up later in 2011 and Mr. Li still sells his 2-in-1 under the brand Original Lishi, while another company sells them under the brand Genuine Lishi. Today, in this post, I won't tell more about the history of Lishi Tools, and the differences between Original Lishi and Genuine Lishi.

What is the Original Lishi brand?

Please take a look at the above video. Just like Genuine Lishi, Original Lishi is another distributor of Mr. Li's original tools. Exactly speaking, Mr. Li's original tools (the former Lishi tools) are sold by 2 different distribution channels:

  • Export Edition
  • Chinese Edition

Original Lishi is the export edition of Mr. Li's original tools, the trademark is owned and operated by James Chen from Australia, and the Original Lishi branded tools are made by Mr. Li in Qinghuangdao, Hebei Province of China, and sold by James Chen's vendors. Original Lishi Tools comes with a red verification label, and the label is written in English, and a series number which you can get verified on originallishi.com .

When the former Lishi brand split up, Mr. Li renamed the brand name to Lizhiqin Tools, but this brand name is only known to Chinese locksmiths, in Western locksmith community, Mr. Li himself advertise his brand as "Mr. Li Tools" in English (Look at the logo on Mr. Li's chest). Mr. Li Tools are the Chinese edition sold by Mr. Li's factory or Mr. Li's Chinese distributors. Mr. Li Tools comes with a green verification label, and you can get verified on Mr. Li's official website.

Mr. Li Tools

This is the green verification label comes at back of Mr. Li Tools, the label was introduced by Mr. Li's factory since Jan. 1, 2021. The label, and Mr. Li's official website lizhiqintool.com are written in Chinese, you can get the tool verified with the series number on the label and see if it's a genuine tool.

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